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Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

The LRC is open to all students!

There is a comfortable area devoted to fiction where you can browse the books and magazines, or just sit on a sofa and enjoy the space with friends. We also have a good selection of revision guides to support learning and examination preparation in all subject areas.

There is access to laptops for the completion of homework and for personal studies. These are available upon request during break and lunchtime.

The LRC is a space used by the English Department on a weekly basis; Years 9 and 10 have one lesson a week devoted to reading and developing literacy skills. In their lessons they read and quiz books using the Accelerated Reader programme.  Also, the lessons will focus on different genres of literature.

The LRC has a dedicated range of ‘Dyslexia Friendly’ books, which are engaging texts which are presented in a way that benefits those with Dyslexia, EAL students and those that find reading more of a challenge. These books have been incredibly popular with our Year 9 and 10 students.

The LRC offers a space for students at break and lunchtime who want a place to sit and read or enjoy some quiet space for socialising with friends.

The LRC is used each afternoon after the school day for homework club, where students can complete their homework using dedicated laptops and have the option of support of just a quiet place to work and study.

The LRC offers a place to:

  • Study
  • Read
  • Discover new worlds, technology, civilisations, animals etc
  • Share and explore
  • Reflect
  • Escape into fiction
  • Learning without limits - use online resources to extend your learning
  • Complete homework

Contact Us

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